Update by query warning in documentations

(yoav) #1

Why update-by-query documentations still have a warning saying - "The update-by-query API is new and should still be considered experimental"

It was added long ago in 2.3 (Current version is 5.3)
Is it safe to use in production?


(Nik Everett) #2

It's been quite safe since I added it in 2.3. We test it a ton. That tag means that we might change the API in a minor release if we find something crazy. Though, honestly, at this point I think we're beyond that for update-by-query.

(Nik Everett) #3

Actually we'd meant to unmark it as experimental but we did the java api version of the docs and didn't to the main version. I'll push a fix.

(Nik Everett) #4

I pushed

which should cause the experimental tag to be dropped from the documentation in the next half an hour or so.

(yoav) #5

Great. Thank you Nik.

(system) #6

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