Update by query warning in documentations

Why update-by-query documentations still have a warning saying - "The update-by-query API is new and should still be considered experimental"

It was added long ago in 2.3 (Current version is 5.3)
Is it safe to use in production?


It's been quite safe since I added it in 2.3. We test it a ton. That tag means that we might change the API in a minor release if we find something crazy. Though, honestly, at this point I think we're beyond that for update-by-query.

Actually we'd meant to unmark it as experimental but we did the java api version of the docs and didn't to the main version. I'll push a fix.

I pushed

which should cause the experimental tag to be dropped from the documentation in the next half an hour or so.

Great. Thank you Nik.

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