Update data in elasticsearch through Kibana Interface(Table)


I am trying to replicate a table (which is build with javascript) to Kibana table (build using discovery feature). The older table version has checkbox in it and on checking/selecting the checkbox the table was able to send some data to database and would update the previous value from database.

I looked for something similar on Kibana, but no luck :frowning:

If adding checkbox to update elasticsearch data is not possible, any workaround (like having a link in table column to send data and also reflect value on table column) would be appreciated.


So you can view, explore and view the results of aggregations and build visualizations in Kibana.

Your data operations can happen only in Elasticsearch. You can use console in Kibana to update the data. But that is also updating the data in elasticsearch.

Does that help with your question?


Hi Bhavya,

Thank-you for responding. Yes, I can use Kibana console to update the elasticsearch data but, I need the data to be updated from Kibana Table (build using discovery feature) as the table, which will be a part Kibana dashboard, will be deployed at client setup and he/she needs to be able to interact with the table directly (and I cannot ask him/her to update data from Kibana console).

So, I still need a solution for my question.


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