Update document, by moving a node within the document

I have a multiple document, that have nested objects. I need to move the location of the nested objects within the document.

How can i do this, say move users out of groups in the following example:

"resourceGroup": "",
"abc": "Ok",
"firstSeen": "2020-03-16T08:45:02.444Z",
"entityId": "29e7d555-1959-4b9b-b663-ce0d04f3e5a7",
"type": "GroupEntity",
"group": {
"onPremisesProvisioningErrors": ,
"mailNickname": "74b06328-1",
"users": [
"mail": "abc@aaa.com",
"mailNickname": "sdf"
"displayName": "test user",
"mailNickname": "testuser1"

An update of a document is always a full reindex operation. This means you either store the full document again with the correct JSON or you use the Update API - however that one requires you to use scripting in this specific case.

Hope that helps!