Update documents based on other updates

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I have two indices where one of them potentially contains several million documents (let us say index "installation") and the other one only a few hundreds (index "product" for now). Now, I want to update some of the "installation"s if there was an update in one of the "product"s. The updated "product" has a field called "latest_version" whose value needs to be updated in the "installation"s field "product_latest_version" that contains the old "latest_version" value.

I can do this manually with the Update API, searching for all "installation"s with "product_latest_version" matching "1.2.3" and updating the field to "1.2.4" (as an example), but I would like to automate this as much as possible with Elasticsearch built-in tools. I was looking for something like stored procedures that can be triggered based on an update event in any of the "product"s. It's important to know that I can only make use of the BASIC license features.

Many thanks for any advice on this use case.

-- Cheers, Nils

There's nothing like this native to Elasticsearch sorry to say. You'd need to handle it in your code outside of Elasticsearch.

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