Update document's routing key


I want to know if it's actually possible to update the routing key of a
I've try the _update method, without providing the routing parameter, with
the routing set to the old routing key, with the routing set to the new
routing key.
I've also try to re-index the document, again without the routing
parameter, with routing set to old/new routing key.
Nothing works, it keep throwing: MapperParsingException[External routing
[b62e540c7db319bcbeb9acbb3cbf9854] and document path routing
[delete_b62e540c7db319bcbeb9acbb3cbf9854] mismatch].

Any idea?
From what I see, it does not really seems to be possible to update the
routing key of a document.

Another question also: Can the routing key be an empty string?
(the document represents a user of my API, the routing key is the API key,
and when "deleting" the user, I was simply setting its API key to an empty

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