[UPDATE: Feb 21] Native Rust Client

I thought it was about time for another update on the Rust HTTP client I've been working on.

UPDATE: The client is now in a state where I think it's ready to try out. The next job is to tweak the request types to take a generic body instead of requiring a single, contiguous buffer. This would make it possible to use memory pools or mmapped files as request bodies.

The client is now composed of a number of independent libraries that do 1 thing; like build request types, implement document mapping, parse responses, http transport etc. These are then collected in a over-arching client library called elastic that glues them together. This means we can support simple use-cases were you just want to make requests, and complex ones where you're working with your own network stack.

Rust makes it possible to write safe, cross-platform and very efficient code, and I'm looking forward to seeing the kinds of use-cases people find for Rust + Elastic in the future :slight_smile:

Any feedback is most welcome, I'm actively churning things at the moment to get it ready to present next month, so watch this space :wink:

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