Update index name in template

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Is it possible that when a template matches a index, we can update the index name?
The reason is this

We don't want to create index using the names our client provides. i.e. if client provides the index name as index1, we'd want it to be created as _index1 and then have a alias index1 that points to _index1. Without this what happens is that, we can't reindex our data with zero downtime.

Here is why there wont be zero downtime

  1. client will create index1 and use index1 for reads/writes
  2. now if we want to reindex, we'll have to create index1-v1
  3. We can't create an alias index1 because an index with same name exists
  4. we'll delete the index1
  5. create an alias index1 for index-v2

This would not be the case if we always created an index with a different name than what our client provides

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