Update Kibana Filter from Vega

Hello all,

I am quite new to the Vega world inside Kibana and would like to make a Vega visualization interactive so that the Kibana filters are updated on click.
I have seen the following tutorial --> [Update Timefilter from Vega]((Vega - Tutorial: Updating Kibana filters from Vega - 《Kibana v7.9 Guide》 - 书栈网 · BookStack)

The challenge now is that I don't want to filter on the Time field, but on other fields and don't know how to address them in the Signals. In the tutorial, I understand that the time is set/filtered with the "SetTimeFilter" function in the following code snippet.

I took the code from the tutorial and adapted it analogously for my data. The graphic is clickable but the update in the signals fails obviously because I do not pass any date.

So the question is which kind of other functions are available and how can I update/filter for my Keyword-Field "News".

Many thanks!

See Here.

You can retrieve the filter clause of dashboard context to set in query.

thanks for your response but I was looking for the other way round. I wanted to add a filter when clicking on one of the bars.
"KibanaAddfilter(Query, Index)" did the job.

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Sorry for misunderstanding. Im happy to hear you resolved the problem!

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