Update multiple documents in Elastic search using java

In java which querybuilder to use update all the documents in this specified range.!..This is my java code.
Code ---->
UpdateByQueryRequest requested = new UpdateByQueryRequest(arr[1]);
for (Entry<String, String> entry : m1.entrySet())
QueryBuilder matchQueryBuilder = QueryBuilders.rangeQuery(entry.getKey()).lt(entry.getValue());
for (Entry<String, String> entry : m.entrySet())
QueryBuilder q=QueryBuilders.boolQuery();
BulkByScrollResponse bulkResponse =client.updateByQuery(requested, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
long updateddocuments = bulkResponse.getUpdated();

Your details should be updated successfully,No of documents updated:"+updateddocuments+"

First i have set the query for specified range by using rangeQuery and i need to update the data in that range.. Please give me the sollution to update the data in this specified range using RestHighLevelClient api.!

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