Update nested object using java client 6.5


I want to update a nested object using java highlevel client.

My mapping looks like the following:


My java code is:

 UpdateByQueryRequest request = new UpdateByQueryRequest(ProductIndex.PRODUCT_INDEX);
		request.setQuery(QueryBuilders.matchPhraseQuery(ProductIndex.PROMOTION_REFERENCE, promotionReference));
		Map<String, Object> parameters = new HashMap<>();
		parameters.put(ProductIndex.RESERVATION_CUSTOMER_FULL_NAME, customerFullName);
		parameters.put(ProductIndex.RESERVATION_STATUS, ReservationStatus.NOT_DELIVERED);
		parameters.put(ProductIndex.RESERVATION_QUANTITY, quantity);

		request.setScript(new Script(ScriptType.INLINE, "painless", "ctx._source.reservations.add(params);", parameters));

		restHighLevelClient.updateByQuery(request, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);

The problem is ctx informations are added automatically to my object and I want to avoid it.
After the update I have something like this:

reservations: [
                  "customerFullName" : "customer name",
                  "quantity" : 2.0,
                  "reservationStatus" : "NOT_DELIVERED",
                  "ctx" : {
                    "_routing" : null,
                    "_parent" : null,
                    "_index" : "product_index",
                    "_type" : "product",
                    "_id" : "3QzW7G8BSs1v_UxEWpxw",
                    "_version" : 2

So how can I avoid indexing ctx informations after the update.


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