Update nested types


I'm working on a project with elasticsearch where I have different types who are nested allover the index.

I have a type called Project. It's a rootdocument, but it's also nested different times in other documents on different levels.
I created at script which gets all new and modified records out of MySQL. It's easy to add the new ones to the index and modify the existing rootdocuments of project. But the nested ones are kind of a problem. Is there a way to retrieve all documents which contain a project?

when you say nested you mean that you are using the nested type because the different types are somehow related? Or are they simply inner objects in the json? Can you maybe post your mapping so we have a better understanding of what your documents look like?

Hi, thanks for replying

I have a type called Project. I also have a type called Card, which has a property of the nested type. This nested type is identical to the Project type.

There are also other types which have nested types identical to Project type. (eventually deeper nested).