Update one entry in an array

Using ES 5.6.3:

I am trying to update only one entry in an array.
For Example:

I am trying to change the entry2 entry to entry3 and leave entry1 alone.
If I use
{"script": { "inline": "ctx_source.myArray = ['entry3']", "query": {"term": {"myArray":"entry2"}}}

It sets the entire array to entry3 and removes the entry1 item from the array.

Any example I can find only addresses objects in an array where an entire field is changed.

try, ctx._source.myArray.set(1, 'entry3') or call ctx._source.myArray.remove('entry2');ctx._source.myArray.add('entry3')


Thanks for your help!

I got it to work with
int x = ctx._source.myArray.indexOf('entry2');

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