Update requests with native java scripts

Hello everyone! We using ES not so long ago, we have a huge stream of data from message broker which need to be saved in ES, some of data falls in with update requests with painless script(with some little conditions) via java api (we use bulk), so there is the problem - when stream is grows, requests takes much time. After some time in forums and documentation we decided to write native script, we think that we can grow query processing speed. So question is how we can do this? According to doc we need to make plugin which will provide our custom scripts, but there is no any examples we can find, every example we find used for other purposes, not for update requests. Can somebody help with it? Maybe somebody have experience of creation native scripts(plugin with native scripts) for same purpose, or maybe can simply explain the correct course of action, or can give link to something helpful? Thanks for your attention.

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