Update shards on EBS

(Kinesh Satiya-2) #1

I have a cluster running which has 4 nodes. Each node has an EBS volume
attached to it, where the node backs up all the indexes it has.

node1 => ebs 1
node2 => ebs 2
node3 => ebs 3
node4 => ebs 4

Now I need to shut down node 4. Since the load is less on this cluster, I
shut down one the node and have written a script to re spawn it when the
load increases on the cluster or more memory is required.

So, in the case when the node4 is re-spawned, it will attach its ebs 4 and
start loading all of these indexes stored in the shard.

Lets say some of the indexes which were initially with node 4 got updated
after node 4 is down ( node 1 has a replicated copy and node 1 updates
those indexes), then when node 4 is re-spawned, Will node 4 look for
updates and then update the indexes in its shard? or will it read the shard
and contain old indexes ( not updated) ?

(system) #2