Update the "index" mapping parameter in the existing mapping

I have a field in my ES index with the following mapping:

"to": {
                    "index": false, 
                    "type": "text"

I would like to change the "index"parameter to True for this field. I guess this change would not be updated for the already existing documents in the index. So I am fine with the change happening for the documents that get indexed in future. Is there a way to do this? (I am thinking of pushing a changed template for my index pattern with the above change, but I am not sure if that would work.)

You can not change mappings in existing indices, so will need to reindex into a new index with the new, updated mapping to do that.

Thanks for the reply.
But I am not looking to change the mapping for the existing indices. I have new indices created on a daily basis. I want that the updated mapping atleast applies to the new indices that get created

Then you can create or change the index template.

So after the updated template, the particular field will only be searchable in the new indices and not in the old ones , right ? I just want to make sure that when I apply a template to the entire index pattern(including the old and new indices), it does not create any error.

As mappings will be inconsistent I guess it could cause problems.

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