Update Timezone


I have a @timestamp field that is created from two other fields. That works fine.

Kibana also updates the timezone automatically (from what I read). That also works fine.

I have a new field HOUR that has been created from the @timestamp field using strftime. That works fine as well.

Here's my issue: The HOUR field is using the UTC time. How can I change it to America/Chicago?

Here's my code:

ruby {
	code => "event.set('[DAY]',event.get('@timestamp').time.strftime('%a'))
if [source] =~ "table" {
    mutate{ add_field => {
        "[@metadata][timestamp]" => "%{SMF30DTE} %{SMF30TME}"
		match => ["[@metadata][timestamp]", "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss:SS"]
		timezone => "America/Chicago"
		target => "@timestamp"

Here's the output in Kibana:

Time 	          DAY_OF_MONTH   	HOUR    	@timestamp   
13:58:23.430	  4	                  20	        November 4th 2019, 13:58:23.430

^^ The HOUR field should contain 13, not 20.

(I've gone through the documentation but it's really not that detailed, nor does it provide any examples.)

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