How to set timezone?


I will be thankful if you'll help me solved this problem:

  1. My timezone is UTC + 2 (Red Arrow in the pic) but when i drill down into the event JSON the timestamp is 2 hour erlier (Blue Arrow in the pic): @timestamp": "2016-03-09T06:38:22.000Z".

  1. it means that i'm seeing "current" event two hour later.
    how can i fix it?


The @timestamp field is always UTC. This is by design. Do not attempt to "fix" this. By default Kibana automatically adjusts timestamps to the browser's timezone.


that means i'm getting the events in two hours delay?

No. It means that timestamps are stored in UTC but presented in whatever timezone you prefer.

Hi,I try to add timezone in filter to change the timezone,but it didn't work.Could you tell me the reason? Thx

@Swime, please start a new thread for your question.