Kibana Timezone

Is there a way to edit Kibana's time zone. So I am pulling logs that are EDT and when i use the date filter in logstash I use the America/New York timezone. So is there a way to change Kibana's default timezone of UTC?


The @timestamp field is by definition UTC but Kibana is supposed to adjust it to the browser's time zone.

Yeah so I think there is a logical problem of how I am setting the date. Because when I am on Kibana and select last 15 minutes its behind 4 hours. So its really not "last 15 minutes". I think its the conversion of UTC to EDT. Here is a flow:

message (EDT) => logstash (america/new york) => Kibana (EDT)

So should I change the @timestamp field to UTC? I have it as america/New york when it does through logstash.

This means there will be a 4 hour gap between when the messagetime and @timestamp field when viewed on kibana.

With timezone => "America/New York", Logstash's date filter will parse the input string as EST/EDT, store it in @timestamp as UTC, and everything will work fine in Kibana. Are you saying that you despite this somehow are ending up with something other than UTC in @timestamp? Look at a raw message in Elasticsearch (or what Logstash actually sends) and check the difference between @timestamp and the input timestamp.

should we change timezone of kibana in kibana configuration file?

hi rapolu_vinod,
you can setting the timezone in the kibana web.

Setting-->Advanced---> DateFormat:tz