Update to rest client instead of transport client

Could you please help me to find corresponding API references for update these API to rest or any example ?
1.String[] indices = transportClient.admin().indices().prepareGetIndex().addIndices("_" + tid + "-").execute().actionGet().getIndices();
3. transportClient.admin().indices().prepareRefresh(indexName).get();
4.transportClient .admin().cluster().state(clusterStateRequest)
5.IndexRequestBuilder indexRequest = transportClient.prepareIndex(indexName, "tested", String.valueOf(id)).setSource(node.toString(), XContentType.JSON);

Have a look at

Some of the APIs you mentioned will be available in the next major version 6.3.0.

In the meantime you can either try a SNAPSHOT version or use the low level client to implement that by yourself.

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