Update vs Index

Hi, I wanted to know that what is the performance difference between using update api and Index api.
Currently in our existing implementation we fetch the document from elasticsearch and update the fields using ReflectionUtils of Java and then reindex the whole document.
I saw on the elastic.co documentation that update api only saves some round trips but it works in this fashion only.
So Is it worth switching to update api from index api?
Thanks alot.


I honestly prefer using the Index API.
The only moment I like using the Update API is when I have a very big document to update, let's say 1mb doc and it's faster to send over the network only few bytes than 1mb again.

Normally, my documents are also coming from my application. So basically the entity exists somewhere in memory. Which means that I just have to serialize to JSON the object I have in memory and send it to elasticsearch.
Sounds like you have a different use case here so I don't know if my answer fits your needs.

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