Updating a field without reindexing the document


My question is: can I update a non-indexed field of a document without the
whole document gets reindexed?

Reason for asking:
I want to implement a "trending documents" search. My plan is to use custom
scoring that uses two fields (a date and a numbers of views) to calculate a
trending value and use it for scoring. This is already working nicely
(custom scoring script, rescorer).
However, I'd like to update one of these fields (number of views on the
document) very frequently to get an up to date view on what's hot.
Currently I'd be looking at updating around 20,000 to 100,000 docs per
couple of minutes.

What would be the best way to do this? I'd like to keep this in ES because
I can then combine it with keyword searches/filter ('most trending on topic

If I understand correctly, the update api always does a re-index of the
whole document, even when the updated field is non-indexed. Is there a
reason for this? The updated field is just payload used for scoring...
I'm asking because it might increase performance if indexing can be skipped.



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