Updating document consumes entire 32GB RAM

(venkata nagaraju buddarapu) #1


am updating 6 million documents and what I see is this test consumes entire 32 GB RAM

and out of which 11 GB is used by ES heap and 12 GB is for Merge(not sure how 12 GB but this is understanding from node statistics)

how to do I debug this issue ? what are various I should concentrate

(Jason Wee) #2

maybe start by reading into what's in node log file and take a heap dump. but does the node gave any oom?

(venkata nagaraju buddarapu) #3

Yes ES Logs prints put below messages in log

[gc][young][5323][1924] duration [1.1s], collections [1]/[1.5s], total [1.1s]/[4.2m], memory [11gb]->[10.5gb]/[15.9gb], all_pools {[young] [483.5mb]->[66.1kb]/[532.5mb]}{[survivor] [7.4mb]->[8.1mb]/[66.5mb]}{[old] [10.5gb]->[10.5gb]/[15.3gb]}

now throttling indexing: numMergesInFlight=6, maxNumMerges=5

(system) #4