Updating document in elasticsearch


We are indexing user profile data to elasticsearch. We are creating monthly index and indexing user to a particular index based on user last visit.

So whenever a user visits, we first check user data in elasticsearch and get data.
Then we check if we need to update the user to same doc(in this case we are partial updating user data based on user current visit)
or we need to delete the current document and need to create a new document and index data to new monthly index.

My question is:
while updating user data to the same index, rather than partial update can we update full document using upate query?
What will the impact on an inverted index created by elasticsearch for each field as some of the fields value that we are updating not changed?

Even if you run a scripted partial update, this will lead to the full document being reindexed in Elasticsearch, so I would not expect there to be much difference.

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