Updating Mappings and reindexing when using MongoDB river

(Eli Libman) #1

I'm using the mongodbriver to index documents from Mongo in elastic search.
I setup the river and the index and everything is working nicely.
Now I would like to change an analyzer (to strip html tags) and update
elastic search to reflect this change properly.

What would be the best way of achieving this with as little downtime and
overhead on the mongo and ES servers?

  1. create a new index with the new settings and create a new mongoriver
    (use aliasing for transitioning queries from old index to new one)

    • Is it possible to create two mongoriver instances?
  2. create new index, delete mongo river, reindex old index to new one, add
    mongo river (with initial timestamp to last doc in old index, and disable
    initial sync). (transition via aliasing ...)

  3. Other/better ways?


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