Updating or modifying parameters in river plugin


Facing one problem while modifying tracks or users, streaming parameters
gets changed only on node restart. The data in the index "_river" is
getting changed, but data in actual stream doesn't change until node
restart. Kimchy had suggested deletion and re-creation of the index
"_river" for updates to reflect in streaming (

Can't we have a rest kind of endpoint as an addition over the _river (say
for example, _river/{index_name}/_reconnect ), which will explicitly do the
task performed by the reconnect() method in the code?

Or simpler still, why doesn't a re-connection get queued on changing the
_river/{index_name}/_meta endpoint once again after the initial? Since
there are limits on the tracks or users in the public twitter stream, it
becomes specially necessary to delete unnecessary information, and adding
new tracks/ users to existing is always a necessity.

Thanks in advance,