Updating status code data with predefined Labels in Dashboard


I am working on processing my transaction data for visualization. But I want to update the status codes with corresponding values.

In Discover, I am able to see the data as 00, 01, 02 .. etc.,

But it should visualize as SUCCESS, FAILURE, PENDING...

Is there any way to map them for 00 - SUCCESS, 01 - FAILURE, 02 - PENDING, so that the mapping will update the values to respective Status Label

Could you help in this


Hi @keyu,

welcome to the Kibana community.

Depending on the amount of status codes you have, you may think to use Lens Filters to map codes to specific labels.
In this example I've used it to map HTTP response codes to labels and show them on a Pie chart:

Pie chart with Filters

Each filter record contains a KQL query (like response.keyword : 404) and a custom label to use (the one displayed).

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