Updating user dictionary

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I'm using Kuromoji plugin and for this plugin you can provide a user dictionary, maybe similar system for all language plugin.
My problem is when I need to update the dictionary, as I read somewhere I don't know where :sweat_smile:, after updating the dictionary file I need to open close the index, until last week on a small index it was ok (mean fast enough so I didn't receive 10k of 5xx errors mail ClusterBlockException[blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/4/index closed) but now I have 2 choices wake up at 3:00 in the morning when the traffic is low to open close or do it during the day and receive 1K of errors mails and lost some traffic (choice is limited to option 1).

My questions:

  1. For confirmation is it the only way to do it?
  2. Also I have several nodes, can I only open close for one node, actually I made a script and open just after. I was surprised to see that all the nodes are open closed not only the one I'm connected on. So I can't open close a first one, then a second one etc.... to avoid loosing the connection?
  3. Or I need to handle it in the client side, with something like a time-out?

Thanks for any help or advice.

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