Updating X-Pack's RAP Data in an Elastic Cluster

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I have a 3 node Elasticsearch cluster with X-Pack installed on each of the nodes.

If I were to update the Role Access Profile data of X-Pack security, do I need to update each of the X-Pack instances on each Elasticsearch node or can I just update one of the X-Pack instances and the change will be propagated to the other instances in the cluster?

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This depends on how you are defining your roles.

The Role Management API stores all roles in Elasticsearch indices, so they are a cluster resource which are automatically synchronized across all nodes.

File-base role management relies on files stored on each node. You are responsible for ensuring the each node has an identical copy of that file, the cluster will not propagate it automatically.

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Thanks for the explanation Tim.

I am using the Role Management API for defining the roles. So the application will need to update just 1 X-pack instance in the cluster. Is that right?

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That's not an accurate way to describe it, but the conclusion is correct.

You connect to 1 node in the cluster, and send a request to update the role, and it will be updated across the whole cluster. But the node you connect to might not actually be storing that data, so it's misleading to say that you're updating "1 X-pack instance", you're updating the whole cluster.

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Understood, thanks for the clarification!

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