Upgrade 5.1.2 to 6.0.1 neccessary?


I am working on an update of elastic stack from 5.1.2 to 6.0.1.

Is it needed to update filebeat to 6.0.1? Filebeat is sending to logstash in my case. Logstash is deleting the type field.
For me it looks as if it works fine on the first glimpse.

If not really needed, I could skip or postpone these updates to a later change.

What improvements do I have with filebeat 6.0.1?
Thanks, Andreas

Hi asp,

While old versions of Beats are not officially tested with newer Logstash / Elasticsearch, we don't see any reason why your setup shouldn't work.

As you can see in the Release notes there's quite a lot of improvements and fixes to Filebeat (and beats in general) since 5.1.2, so it's worth to upgrade when you have the time.

Take a look at the Breaking Changes in this document, as you might need to update your configuration.

ok thanks. Then I will plan upgrading filebeat at a later time. It simplifies and speeds up the migration to 6.x a lot if not all needs to be changed at the same time.

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