Filebeat 5.x : Dependencies

Does filebeat 5.0 require a minimum version of logstash? I'm using logstash 2.1.x...


It should work as long as you use the most recent version of the beats-input-plugin. Do you get some errors?

I don't but also don't know what version of the plugin I have. How do I check that and how do I update it?


It might work, but not really supported by us. Idea of all products going 5.x is to guarantee compatibility among products.

So, if moving to 5.x, what is the recommended upgrade order, across products, to ensure continuity of service?

We're actually working on some documentation for this issue and thinking through a lot of scenarios..

We're tending toward saying that ES+Kibana should upgrade first and together followed by LS and Beats. Of course, if that doesn't make sense for your situation, we'd be happy to hear why!