Upgrade Elasticsearch

Hello Team,

Currently we are using Elasticsaerch 6.4 and all the other stack part like kibana, logstash and beats also have versio 6.4

But now we want to use the some security feature like Role-based access control for controlling user access which include in later version like Elasticsearch 6.8 or later.

So we want to upgrade our elasticsaerch as well as all the other stack part also.

Can we upgrade directly to version 7.9 without lossing the existing data?

Can you please give us some idea/steps how we can upgrade our 3 node cluster?

Any help or guidance will be appriciated.


See is some dedicated documentation covering the upgrade process. Check it out at https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elastic-stack/current/upgrading-elastic-stack.html

@spinscale, Thank You for your response.

I read this documentation and i got below points. Please correct me if i am wrong:

Currently our ELK version is 6.4 and we can perform rolling upgrade from 6.4 to 6.8 only. We can upgrade our nodes one by one in 3 node cluster. First of all we need to upgrade our non master nodes because higher version of non master node can join the master with lower version. But higher version master node can't be joined by lower version non master nodes.

Up to here all things are simple and straight forward.

But we are using curator for deleting the old indices, taking the snapshot of indices and to store in s3 bucket, delete the old snapshot from s3 bucket.

When we perform rolling upgrade all these settings will be deleted.

Did Elasticsaerch 6.8 support curator because SLM (Snapshot Lifecycle Management) is introduced in version 7.5.

Please help me.


@spinscale, can you please help me on this?

Curator as far as I know works with all Elasticsearch versions.

@Christian_Dahlqvist, Thank You for your response.

Yes..curator support all the version of elasticsaerch. We can see same in below link:

curator version

Now i have only one doubts:

  1. When we will perform rolling upgrade then the s3 repository plugin and its setting like we store aws key using elasticsearch-keystore will be delete and need to configure again on each node?

  2. First we will upgrade our elasticsaerch nodes, so kibana, logstash and beats version will be older till will update them. upgrading of kibana, logstash and beats will also took some time. In this time period our cluster will be down or it will opearte normally?


Hello Team,

Can you please help me to find out the answer of above questions?


Hello Team,

Can you please help me on this issue?

We need to upgrade our production elk setup.


Hello Team,

I am able to upgrade my elasticsaerch clsuter nodes (3 nodes clsuter) and kibana from version 6.4 to version 6.8.

But now we want to use security feature of this version and want to use authentication part only for now not TLS communication.

I know we need to enable xpac security in elasticsearch.yml file on each node. Then generate the password using bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive command and need to use kibana passowrd in kibana.yml file to use role base access feature.

But i have one question, do we need to run this command bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive on each elasticsaerch node or over only current master node?

How the elasticsaerch node use authentication with each other?

Thank you

If you enable security, then you are required to also use TLS between nodes.

Many of your questions are directly covered by the documentation - have you read through the Configuring security instructions?

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