Upgrade ELK 6.4.0 to ELK 7.3.2

Hello Team,

Currently we are using ELK 6.4.0 but we want to upgrade to ELK 7.3.2. Earlier we installed our ELK manually using the .deb file.

We want to upgrade to use the SIEM feature which is available in ELK 7.2 or higher version.

Now i have few queries:

  1. Can we upgrade directly from elasticsearch 6.4.0 to 7.3.2?
  2. How we can upgrade? If we upgrade using by downloading .deb manually the configuration file will be overwritten or not?
  3. We use curator in ELK 6.4.0 for indices deletion and snapshots. Is ELK 7.3.2 support curator?

Please guide me how we can upgrade.



@Denis_Lamanov, Thank you for your response. I am aware about this documentation. But i mentioned few queries and hoping some comment in response of each query. Specially with point 2 and 3.


Hi @Tek_Chand,

Please find my inline response on your queries.

Yes, You can upgrade the 6.x to 7.x. Please follow the process/method defined in document i.e. https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/7.3/setup-upgrade.html

No, Configuration files won't be upgraded you need to do it manually this process as there are some breaking changes and you need to take care the same also.

Yes, You can use curator for in your upgraded version. Please refer below support matrix of curator versions.

Harsh Bajaj

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Thank you for your response.

Means once we download .deb file and install using command dpkg -i .deb nothing will break in configuration and new version will be installed.

As per link it seems Elasticsearch 7.3.2 support curator but its have ILM also to manage the indexes.

Hi @Tek_Chand,

Yes, new version will be installed but you need to configure you parameter manually as per your old configuration file. However, if you change the configuration in you upgraded version there may be some "breaking changes" which needs to be taken care.
Please perform the same in Test environment first.

Yes, In this version elasticseach has provided ILM also to user with atleast a basic license. By Default some components of ELK stack is using ILM. You can refer the below documentation for more clarification about ILM and Curator.

Harsh Bajaj

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As there are breaking changes and I would recommend first going to 6.8 so you can run the migration helper in Kibana.

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