Upgrade from 6.8 to 7.7.1 asks for re-index which was already performed

I am trying to upgrade a snapshot from 5.2 to 7.7. I did this with the help of the documentation. I restored the snapshot to 6.8 which should reindex it right? Now i performed the upgrade, moving the data to the new elastic search and starting it up. But I get the following error:
The index [[INDEXNAME]] was created with version [5.2.0] but the minimum compatible version is [6.0.0-beta1]. It should be re-indexed in Elasticsearch 6.x before upgrading to 7.7.1.
What did I do wrong? As I said I did not move the data from 5 to 7, I restored the Snapshot in 6.8 and than moved the data.

Thanks for your help

Restoring a snapshot does not reindex it, so you need to do that separately.

Ok thank you. Will try the reindex API.

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