Upgrade from ES6.0.0-rc1 to ES6.0.0-GA


I have a cluster of ES 6.0.0-rc1 that I want to upgrade to GA.

By reading the upgrade docs I understand that upgrading between 6.x to 6.y can be done using rolling upgrade, except when upgrading from pre-GA.

Any specific reason for this? Will a rolling upgrade just fail, or is just not recommended?


Anything that is pre GA is not considered production ready and we may break things in those releases due to bugs/changes.

You can try to do the upgrade, and if it works then you're lucky, but we don't provide any support for it for that reason.

That's not what I asked.

My question is why it is specifically listed that a pre-GA version requires a full cluster restart, in comparison to a normal rolling restart that can be done from 5.6 or a different 6.y

Is there some flag in pre-GA versions that limits me from doing a rolling restart?

This is just safety for us: maintaining backward compatibility is extremely costly in terms of engineering, so we only support GA versions, and make sure we have the freedom to break anything from the wire format to the disk format between pre-GA versions and GA versions.


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