Upgrade from Transport Client to HLRC / JAVA API Client? Which to choose?

Hello Team, I am fairly new to Elasticsearch and I have project in which we use Java Client provided by Elasticsearch to fetch logs from Elasticsearch and use those logs in our Application. The thing is that the project is fairly old and uses Transport Client. Now when I was going through the documentation and found that Transport Client has been deprecated for a while now and it was deprecated in favor of HLRC but that too was deprecated in favor of JAVA API Client. Now I am not able to form my approach as the client had to be upgraded to HLRC by the team working on this previously but it wasn't and now as it is not provided with ES8 I have two approaches

  1. Upgrade Transport Client to HLRC and then HLRC to Java API Client.
  2. Upgrade from Transport Client to Java API Client.

I went through the documentation and found that there is upgrade documentation for Transport to HLRC code and there is also a documentation for HLRC to Java Api Client but none for my case/scenario.
Also I found the documentation of JAVA Api Client a bit incomplete as compared to the documentation for Java HLRC ( I don't know I may as well be wrong ) as it is mentioned in the Java Api Client that further sections will also be added in this whereas I found the documentation of Java HLRC much more detailed and better.

Now I am really confused which approach to take

  1. Upgrade my code for Java HLRC first so that my code is supported for elasticsearch v8 + for the meantime and then gradually upgrade to Java Api client ( because I know they can co-exist).
  2. Upgrade to Java Api Client directly (I thought for this approach).

Please any help is appreciated.


I agree. Upgrade to the new Java Client directly if possible. There's no gain going through another step.

Hello David sorry for the late response from my side and thanks for the immediate response from your.
I understand that it is better to just upgrade to java api client but why do I feel that the Java API client documentation is still incomplete or am I wrong. The thing is that there is quite a bit of logic and I don't seem to find all the things in the documentation just yet. Is the documentation still in progress ? If yes when do you think we can have the access to it.

Thanks and Regards

Indeed the documentation is not fully complete yet but if you are using the fluent API, your IDE should guide you to the right methods when using autocomplete.

The new client uses lambda a lot which might sound complex at the first sight but actually easy to understand.

Anyway, you can always post your questions here if you don't find what you are looking for.

Thanks david for the quick response. Will surely look into this.

Can you tell us that when can we expect the full documentation for the Java Api client.

Thanks and regards

I honestly don't know if the "final" status can be set on such a documentation... :wink:

Well That is true :smile:
Anyways Thanks for the help

Thanks & Regards

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