Upgrade to ElasticSearch 2.3

There are two versions (in separate clusters) of elasticsearch: 0.90 and 1.2.2. running.
What steps should I take to upgrade them to 2.3 ?
Please consider me as a beginner.

You should really build new clusters and then reindex the data into them. You don't want to upgrade those in place.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the quick response. Yes the original plan is to migrate the data
and create new indexes.
The features like facet etc. are discontinued in 2.3, so, is it advisable
to migrate given that we still want to use the facet feature in our app.
What is the alternative to facet in 2.3? Is there a code change required
for that?

Any such other features which are discontinued in 2.3, but were there in
0.90 and 1.2.2?

No it is not, at least not to 2.X.

Aggregations, and yes.

I'd suggest you read the breaking changes to see what applies to your app.