Upgrade to Master and Data only node configuration from master-data node

Currently I have 3 nodes, 330 indices and 1,822 shards and approx 3 TB of memory.

Currently these 3 nodes are master-data nodes and its not coping well with the load.

I was planning to keep these 3 nodes as data nodes, then have another 3 nodes and set these up as master only nodes.

Considering 3 data nodes will have 1TB memory each, I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea on how much memory would each of the 3 master nodes require?

By "memory" I think you mean disk space, right? 1TB of RAM is a lot! Dedicated master nodes need a small amount of disk space. How many bytes is the response you get from GET _cluster/state in your cluster?

I was hoping to use the 1TB machines as a data node, as i mentioned we index alot of data. All i would like to find out is how small does master node need to be considering we have;

411 indices
2,682 shards
3,238,297,242 docs


This is the information we need to answer your question:

i cant seem to be able to check that via kibana due to gateway issues, however i did
curl -XGET 'http://elastic1-node:9200/_cluster/state/' >> /tmp/clusterstate.txt
and the bytes that correspond to the file which the results are written is:
20196970 Oct 2 12:38 clusterstate.txt
So essentially 20196970 bytes.

i can also provide the results of /_cluster/stats?human&pretty' as well if you like?

Ok 20MB for the cluster state, that sounds good. I would expect 1GB of space for the master's data path would be more than enough.

Hi David,

Based on this, can you give a recommendation for CPU and RAM? (per master node)

also 67 MB for the cluster state not 20 - so assuming 4 GB of space perhaps?

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