Upgrading elastic to 8.8 has resulted in a master node sending out 5 megabytes a second

Usually elastic master nodes send out 100 kilobytes a second of data. But after upgrading the active master is sending out 5 megabytes. There's no known issue but this doesn't seem healthy.
It's role is only master.

Surprising indeed. Could you do GET /_nodes/_master/stats/transport, then wait a minute or two, then GET /_nodes/_master/stats/transport again, and share the results here? You might need to use something like https://gist.github.com to share the results since they're probably too large to share in full here directly.

Thanks for the info. I ran that and it pointed me to a snapshot issue i have. There's currently more than 33000 snapshots. I'm deleting them now and I can see the problem has gone away.

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