Upgrading ELK stack to 7.10 along with filebeat

Hi, currently we are using ELK stack version 7.8.0 and to push the logs to ES we are using filebeat(7.8.0). we are planning to upgrade our ELK stack to 7.10.
so my doubts are
1) after upgrading ELK to 7.10 should we also use the same version(7.10) of filebeat??
2) suppose if we use the old version(7.8.0) of filebeat with ELK(7.10) will it work ??
3) in order to work properly should both ELK and filebeat be upgraded at the same time ?? @wylie @azasypkin @warkolm
please help :blush:

Ideally you would upgrade everything. The stack has cross version compatibility, see https://www.elastic.co/support/matrix#matrix_compatibility.

Please don't ping people like that.

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