Upload Windows Event Logs

Where do I find files that i sent via winlogbeat when using the Elasticsearch output? Can I add indexes?
And how could I send just a selection of files, that is e.g. stored in some directory?
I tried:

- name: 'C:\path\to\dir\*'
- name: 'C:\path\to\file'

but neither of them worked.


Winlogbeat cannot be used (as far as i know) to send log files. The usage of winlogbeat is meant for sending the windows event logs.

If you want to ingest log files (for example IIS logs), I recommend using Filebeat.

Which would then look something like

- type: log
    - C:\path\to\dir\*
    - C:\path\to\dir\*

(might be you have to use / instead of \ don't remember on top of mind)

Especially for certain inputs I recommend using the OOTB modules provided with Filebeat as these will handle the parsing, log ingest etc for you.

Seems I did not specify that enough..

My VM is going to receive some Windows Event Log-Files from a selection of machines. These files are ment to be stored in Elasticsearch.

But the winlog.yml only contains Security/Application/.. and the addition of a path does not result in data beeing sent.

So to clarify:
I want to know where I should set the Path for the Files I want to send.

This is what I tried so far

 - name: C:/path/to/file
 - name: C:\path\to\file
 - name: "C:/path/to/file"
 - name: "C:\path\to\file"

I also tried:

\winlogbeat.exe -e -c .\winlogbeat-evtx.yml -E EVTX_FILE=<specific_evtx_file_path> 

But neither worked. Is it possible at all to just send one stored file?

Ok, I did it.
I deleted every index and then made it work with:

 - name: C:/path/to/file

So in conclusion:
Some weird error happened before.

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