Uploading the same file to elastic via logstash is way slower than uploading it via the Kibana UI

I have a 10MB file in size with 500000 lines. Each line has this text:


where $i = line number

My logstash.conf file looks like this:

input { file {
	path => "C:/Users/anasdima/Workspace/data-tests/10MB-data.csv"
	mode => "read"
} }
output {
  elasticsearch { hosts => ["localhost:9200"] }

This takes 9 minutes to finish, which to me means that something is not right.

On the other hand, when I upload 10MB-data.csv from Kibana, it takes a couple of seconds.

What is making such a huge difference?


How and where in kibana do you upload the file? Can you elaborate on that a bit more please.

What version are you using for logstash and elasticsearch. What hardware specs do you have (cpu, mem, disk type).


I am using this ui from Kibana to upload the file:

I am using 6.5.4 Elastic, 6.5.4 Kibana and 6.5.4 logstash. 64 bit versions, running on Windows 10 Pro.

My CPU is i5-6600, RAM 16GB, Hard Drive (not SSD)

When you use the this interface (which I cannot find in my kibana btw) does it end up in a index somewhere?

I navigate like this:

yes it ends up in an index

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