Uptime displaying cumulative number of up and down monitors

After upgrading Elasticsearch and Kibana to version 7.6.0, Uptime is now displaying the cumulative counts for up and down monitors. My 600+ HTTP heartbeat monitors run once every 2 hours. When I filter by downed monitors in the last 2 hours, it might show me 17 are down. As I increase the time range, the number of downed monitors continues to increase. I almost went into a panic when I got into the office today and saw 367 monitors were down (over the last 30 days). But in actuality, only 17 were down since the last time the monitors ran.

Is this a bug or is this an undocumented new "feature"?

Apologies, this is a bug that surfaced as part of an optimization. We have a fix here https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/58247 that we're targeting at 7.6.1, we hope to merge it later today.

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