Uptime visualization only down monitors

any idea how we can visualize uptime down monitors details only(not up monitors)

Hi @Rajesh_Rai - thanks for your interest in Heartbeat and Uptime Monitoring.

Without more context to the question, I can give a general answer. In Kibana, we have the Uptime solution, which will display information for all the monitors detected in the indices you configure it to look at; by default this is heartbeat-8*,heartbeat-7*,synthetics*.

The solution supports filtering by status, i.e. up/down, monitor name, id, etc., and links to a dedicated detail page.


If you're referring to creating a visualization for monitors that are currently down, this is a tricky query to write and is one of the reasons an Uptime solution exists in the first place. We recommend using the Uptime solution for tracking the current status of your monitors.

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