Adding Uptime Monitors to a Dashboard


I am creating a few dashboards to monitor our solutions' logs and we have a separate "dashboard" with all our Uptime Monitors. Is there a way to incorporate these uptime monitors in the dashboards we're building?

Thank you.

@mpinto Welcome to Elastic discuss forum.

Can you please describe how are you configuring uptime monitors. Is it via yaml config or using uptime/synthetics monitor management?

Hello @shahzad31

To be completely honest I was not the one who set up our Elasticsearch/Kibana solution so I am not sure. Can you tell me how I can check that please?

Thank you

@mpinto which version of kibana are you using?

Apologies for taking so long to respond, I was on vacation.

Kibana version is 8.1.3.

You could use the (in progress) dashboards from this open PR as a starting point: Add synthetics billing and overview dashboards by andrewvc · Pull Request #40 · elastic/uptime-contrib · GitHub . Note that these include a data-view pointed at synthetics-* only, you may need to modify them to use heartbeat-* if you're using plain heartbeat.

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