Uptime Monitor Status not following the greater than logic of the rule

Hi All,

Kibana Version: 7.15.1
Elasticsearch Version: 7.15.1
Heartbeat Version: 7.15.1

I have a browser monitor configured and sending data to Elasticsearch. This monitor works fine, but I also have an uptime monitor status rule configured for this monitor. This rule is fairly simple and is effectively just the base rule that is generated when toggling the uptime enable status alerts toggle. It looks at the monitor.id and if MATCHING MONITORS ARE DOWN > 2 WITHIN LAST 30 minutes for the Status check then the monitor should fire.

However, the behavior that I am seeing is that instead of the expected 3 or more failures within 30 minutes triggering the alert, I am seeing that only on a singular (1) failure within 30 minutes this rule will trigger an alert.

I've searched around and have been unable to find anyone else mentioning this. Has anyone else come across this issue?

Hi @BenB196 - thanks for bringing this to our attention. I was able to reproduce this locally using version 7.15 as well. You can track the progress on the resolution of this problem by following this issue, which is for a very similar use case to the one you've described.

@jkambic great, thanks for the information, I'll follow along via that issue.

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