Uptime Tab says "No Data Available" when heartbeat-today index keeps incrementing

(Phillip Andrew Hocking) #1

Hi Elastic friends! My Uptime app tab says "No uptime data available -
Configure Heartbeat to start logging uptime data" but I have verified that heartbeat is shipping data at least according to _cat/indices:

It does appear like the uptime data is getting populated and logs on the machine that heartbeat is running on suggests that the data is being shipped, but Uptime doesn't seem to be getting the memo. What am I missing?

(Phillip Andrew Hocking) #2

Everything is 7.0 and a fresh install, but I noticed this while reviewing the documentation:

It does appear that my index that is automatically created is actually heartbeat-date not heartbeat-7-date. Could this possibly be what is giving me the trouble? I look forward to feedback! :smiley:

(Phillip Andrew Hocking) #3

Hey @warkolm I figured it out! I just had to change these fields in my config and kick it over. Here was the error condition:

setup.ilm.rollover_alias: "heartbeat-"
setup.ilm.pattern: "{now/d}-000001"

And this was the remedy:

setup.ilm.rollover_alias: "heartbeat-7.0.0"
setup.ilm.pattern: "{now/d}-000001"

I'm sure glad I figured this out just by poking around and reading the manual. I hope this is helpful to someone else experiencing a similar issue! :sweat_smile:

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(Andrew Cholakian) #4

@phillhocking just to make sure we're not missing anything here, the root cause seems to have been a misconfiguration of setup.ilm.rollover_alias right? The default values are fine AFAICT right? I tried to repro but didn't get this issue on a fresh install myself.

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(Phillip Andrew Hocking) #5

Hey, @Andrew_Cholakian1 thanks for checking in! Indeed, I had a misconfiguration and as far as I know - the defaults are fine. I am relatively new to managing and configuring the Elastic stack and made an elementary mistake. Thank you so much for your reply and diligence doing a repro!

(Phillip Andrew Hocking) #6

I just wanted you all to know that everything is chugging along great since 7.0.1. Thank you all for your unceasing efforts! :smiley: