(urgent) Converting a list of decimals to float in CSV

   mutate {
        convert => {
            "Question_Vector" => "float_eu"

I am trying to push a CSV file to elasticsearch using logstash. One of the column contains a list of vectors and I am trying to convert it to float. I have tried float and float_eu but both does not work. Either returns 0.0 or just the first decimal in the list.

example of record in csv: -0.04749248921871185, -0.048509035259485245, -0.024459611624479294,.... (512 dim)

please help

Try to use a split before this so that it the single string will be converted to an array of values.
You should use a separate mutate filter because i'm not sure if split will be done before convert.

    mutate {
       split => { "fieldname" => "," }

this is really good, i will try to use it

Thank you! This helped.

i will try to use it get-vidmateapp.com get-mobdroapk.com

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