Urgent :ELK version compatible for Windows 10 to install as a service

Hi Team,

I have to install ELK for my project.

Kindly advice which ELK version will be compatible for Windows 10 to install as windows service


Is there any reason to believe the latest version isn't compatible?

thanks for replying, its very critical for me.

Actually we proposed that we will install ELK 5.6 as a service on Windows but when i checked https://www.elastic.co/support/matrix#/matrix_os URL , windows 10 is not mentioned in it.

So i got confused whether ELK can be installed as a service on windows 10.
If yes then kindly advice the ELK version.


Hi magnusbaeck,

Kindly confirm ELK 5.6 or latest version(ELK 6) can be installed as windows service in windows 10.

Please reply.


You're right, Windows 10 isn't listed in the matrix. I'm surprised. Anyway, I don't know anything about the actual compatibility and whether any problems should be expected.


Can you confirm which windows version is most suitable to install ELK 5.6 as a service.

Please reply asap.

Richa Gautam

Can you confirm which windows version is most suitable to install ELK 5.6 as a service.

For reasons already stated I can't do that.

Please reply asap.

I'm volunteering here and I respond whenever I please.

This forum is manned by volunteers, so please be patient. If you require an SLA, Elastic offers commercial subscriptions that provide this.

Install Elastic Stack 6.0. It'll only take a small amount of time.
Test it.
If it's not working, go to 5.6.x.

Thanks magnusbaeck/Christian_Dahlqvist/Mojster

OK I will try installing ELK 5.6 /6.0 on windows 10 as a service.

If you have any supporting link or document for installing ELK on windows 10 as a service. Kindly provide the same.

Richa Gautam

Elastic has an service installer inside bin folder of the Windows package.
For Kibana and Logstash I'm using Windows Service Wrapper.
Beats, I'm using filebeat, has also a service installer on the root of the package.

Thanks alot Mojster,

Please confirm if you have tested installing ELK 5.6/6 on windows 10


I'm running Windows server 2012 R2.

I don't see why it should not run on W10. But I didn't test it.

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