Usage of elasticsearch


With version 0.9 almost out of the door, I wanted to ask the community
using elasticsearch for some information that would really help me drive
elasticsearch forward. I know of some features that I would love to get into
later version, but I want to hear from you a bit more about it. Also, I
would love to hear where you use elasticsearch, why, and other tidbits. I
understand that this information might be sensitive, so you can email me
directly at This will really help
elasticsearch, and I thank you in advance for your answers.

Here are the questions:

  1. Which company do you use elasticsearch for?
  2. What are you using elasticsearch for (yea, I know for search, but, for
    example, do you drive out of elasticsearch more than just search)?
  3. What is the scale you use elasticsearch with? Number of indexed docs,
    number of machines?
  4. What are the most crucial features you miss out of elasticsearch that you
    would like to see in future versions?
  5. Do you plan to use elasticsearch in the cloud (private or public)? If so,
    which cloud provider do you use?