Use an array as parameter

Hi all,

I'm using Datadog Metrics Plugin.

I want to use tags. I have an array of strings in my event called "datadog.tags" which I want to pass to dd_tags, which gets an array of strings:

datadog_metrics {
  api_key => "MyApiKey"
  dd_tags => "%{datadog.tags}"
  metric_name => "%{}"
  metric_type => "gauge"
  metric_value => "%{datadog.metric.value}"
  queue_size => 100
  timeframe => 60

Since it’s in parenthesis, naturally, the plugin gets a string instead of an array. Is there still no way to pass the array?

I also tried [datadog][tags] or [datadog.tags], like it’s being used in conditionals, but to no avail.

I read in a post 4 years ago that there's no way to reference an array in logstash. Is it still relevant today? Can anyone think of a workaround? The only workaround I can think of is modifying the plugin to get a comma delimited string, and do the splitting on the ruby side.

Thanks in advance,


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